About Us

Micro Vision was incepted in the year 1999 with an objective of providing quality eye care range through its well-equipped US FDA approved manufacturing facility, structured R & D capabilities and world class machines for dose accuracy and product quality. Every drop is formulated with confidence and care.


US FDA : US Food and Drug Administration


Micro Vision State-of-art manufacturing facility
Ophthalmic manufacturing facility of Micro Labs is approved by the US FDA endorsing global quality recognition. Water engaged for eye drops undergoes advanced level purification with highest quality before being incorporated in the formulation.

Groninger Machine Innovation is the standard

  • To meet the increasing domestic and global requirements of high quality ophthalmic products
  • Complete advanced high precision with fully automated equipped factory.
  • Innovative, high end and absolutely safe technology machine that delivers high standard quality, reliability and efficiency

3-Piece bottle packing
Adhering to stringent quality control measures, rendering utmost care in delivering quality products.


Micro Vision has always been in the forefront in demonstrating sheer marketing excellence through academics and various awareness drives towards supporting eye care in India.

Mass awareness drives of Micro Vision

a. Unite to prevent blindness
Objective :
UTPB is an endeavour by Micro Vision to spread awareness on glaucoma among the common mass. This campaign helps the patient to understand the importance of early detection and management of glaucoma to prevent blindness. Glaucoma is the 2nd leading cause of blindness in India. This campaign provides Micro Vision an opportunity to partner with the doctors in spreading patient awareness. Micro Vision has conducted over five thousand camps. Educated over one million Indians across the country on blinding disease of glaucoma with the support of ophthalmologists from across the country and registered its name in the Indian Book of records.

b. Schirmer’s Test – A quick diagnosis for dry eyes 

Schirmer campaign is a step taken by Micro Vision towards spreading awareness on dry eye among the common mass. The campaign helps the patient to get his eyes diagnosed quickly for dry eye through a very simple test. Due to excessive digitalization and over use of computer screens, laptops and mobiles, increase in online classes and online meetings and the increase in pollution are the leading factors for dry eye. Dry eye effects patient’s quality of life and if left untreated may have detrimental effects in patient’s quality of vision. Schirmer’s campaign provides Micro Vision an opportunity to partner with the doctors in spreading awareness and thus helping in quick detection of dry eye.

c. Eye Health Awareness Initative at Schools

Micro Vision has educated over one lakh students across the country with the assistance of ophthalmologists. This is an ongoing initiative.

d. Eye Health Awareness Initative at Corporates

Micro Vision in association with Indian ophthalmologists have screened over one lakh individuals across the country. This is an ongoing initiative.

e. Training Opthalmic Institutes for accreditations

Micro Vision has enrolled many doctors from premium Ophthalmic setups for a two-day training on steps and systems of gaining accreditations.